• Wooden pellets

    We produce wood pellets according EN PLUS Standards

  • Quality above all

    High quality and durable heating solution

  • High calorific fuel

    From the material of biological origin

  • High efficiency combustion

    The best ratio of energy efficiency levels and prices

  • Preservation of the environment

    It meets high environmental standards

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Parameters ENPlus

Wooden pellet

Only one parameter keeps us in the class A2. All other parameters are in Class A1. Check out HERE En Plus certifikate 2018

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Wooden pellet

Pellet - the best fuel

Another important chemical characteristic of the pellet is the low level of humidity, only 7%. This provides high level of combust, and therefore additional energy. Comparing to natural gas and electricity, pellet has the most convenient ratio energy / price. Comparing the energy value, 1 metric ton of wooden pellet ...

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